Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weird & Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Weird & Wacky Wednesday where I share with you 8 Weird things about me you probably didn't even want to know..

1. My dad told me I had a boyfriend named Hilt Buckaloo and I believed him..
for 30 freakin' years.

2. I was part of a gang (gang sounds so much more gangsta that 'trio') who stole "Dip" street signs. The stealing of the signs wasn't even near the whole story..
we had to go buy wire-cutters (they don't just glue those suckers up there)..
we dressed all in black (of course)..
all this just to plop these sign against the front doors of my 2 friends 'love interests' (who had girlfriends at the time)..
and both of my friends fell during the 'knock & runaway' phase of the operation and had horrible scrapes & bruises for weeks..
good times, baby!!

3. I've tasted dog food..
I was smelled good..
it was really nasty

4. I thought Leonard Skinner was a person.

5. I wet my pants in Kindergarten & denied it until a few years ago..
I'm 56 years old

6. I competed in roller-skating dance competitions.

7. I've had 2 visions in my life..
both my grandmother and mother appeared to me in a dream the nights they passed.

8. I have read all of the Harry Potter & Twilight books, at the very least, 4xs each. Hunger Games, 3xs. And have every intention of re-reading them several more times.

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