Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday 10


I love blog bouncing..
I always find the coolest stuff..
Lena B, Actually is a fun, kicky, cool site..
She does a Tuesday10 prompt..
this week..
10 Professions You Wish You Had
Here are mine..

1. High School English Teacher
Back when I was in college, I had the best English Comp professor ever. Every thing she did, said, even whispered, inspired me. I just knew, because of her, I would be a great teacher. Awww, but alas, life happened. Instead, I have an amazing daughter who loves teaching HS English and an awesome son who, although he has a degree in Business, teaches English in Korea.
One day...maybe..
2. School Therapist
When I was 12, my mom passed.
I wish someone had been there..
3. Archeologist
How awesome would it be to work a dig??
4. Author
I LOVE books.
To have the gift of mixing words around until I have The Great American Novel...
oh yeah.
5. Travel Photo-journalist
Traveling, taking photos, talking it about it..
I do that now..
except..without the traveling part.
6. Flight Attendant
A few years back, I refused to get on a plane..
now, although I can't say I LOVE flying but...
with the help of a Xanax or 4..
I can handle the flight..
and maybe..the passengers..
especially for an opportunity to hang out in Rome..
or New Zealand..
or Japan..
7. Rock Star
Saw Joan Jett in concert last year..
that's it..
I wanna be HER!!
8. Tour Guide in Paris
Telling people how cool the city is..
and getting to live in Paris..
very cool.
9. Designer
Of anything..
clothes, jewelry, websites..
I like things my way
10. Artist
I want to paint..
and get paid for it.

I'm linking up with Lena..
so..check it out.

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