Thursday, January 17, 2013

This 'n That Thursday

Katie Did What
Linking up with Katie & Jena..
(how frickin' cute are these 2??)
for This 'n That Thursday..

THIS ~ YaY!!
I registered for The Color Run!!
I'm doing this!!

THAT ~ There's also a Color Run planned for June 1st in..
(drum-roll please!!)
Would love to do this with my daughter & grand-daughter.

THIS ~ Dirty Girl...

is next..

THIS ~ Have a bug bite on my bum..
(seriously love alliteration)
it is ridiculously itchy and painful..
& the anti-histamine is sucking all the energy from my soul..
(a bit dramatic, I know)

so THAT ~ I'll probably crawl back to bed & lose my bug-bitten, wienie self in the book I am reading..
which is..


Book 2 of the Gemma Doyle series..
love me some trilogies..
especially when all 3 books have already been released..

THAT ~ Been reading quite a few blogs lately..
& I gotta ask..
What is it with The Bachelor??
What draws you to this show?
Never felt the tug myself..
but I do get caught up in The Biggest Loser.

Wishes to you for a super duper day..
and check out the other This 'n That Thursdays over here


  1. Ahhh the Color Run!!! HOW FUN! I am determined to do that this year! What a blast.

    Thanks for linking up! :)


  2. I dont like the Bachelor! its just so... yucky... how the girls throw themself at him and they are in love after two weeks?! Oh! I just cant take it!! I want to yell at the TV... I do love the Biggest Loser! Maybe because the people are taking control of their lives and moving in a positive direction (unlike The Bachelor!!)

    1. I feel like that with The Bachelor as well. I hate the whole 'cat-fight over a guy' image. Seems...sad. Love Biggest Loser, every episode makes me cry.