Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear My Typing Skills...
You suck!!
I am so very ashamed of you.
Typing Web

Dear D.L...
We are so close to being back together I can taste it..
Days, Baby..
only a matter of days & I will never, ever let you go again.

Dear Spooky Building I Go To Once a Month..
You seriously creep me out..
I do believe you are haunted..
& it takes all my will power not to run out of you.

Dear Dad...
Thanks for coming through for me this time..
even though I know that somehow this favor will come back around & bite me on the ass..
I give you props for helping me out.

Dear Brand New Sketchers..
I only bought you cause you were black & on sale..
& I know I haven't worn you much because..
well..I was afraid you would hurt me..
but, after today's walk..
I apologize..
you are awesome & I love you.

Dear Rude Chick on the Bike..
It was bad enough you nearly ran me over while riding your bike ON THE SIDEWALK!!
but then you stopped not once but 2 times in the middle of the sidewalk making me step into the street to get around you..
I just have one thing to say to you..
that bicycle seat of yours..
it makes your ass look big..

Dear Sunshine..
I have missed you so very, very much..
thank you for spending the day with me.

Dear People Who Leave Comments..
Thank you..
I love you.

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