Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday!!
Hoping your New Year week was fabulous, mine was pretty darn good! Next week is very promising as well..

I confess..

1. I am exhausted!! In addition to walking every day this week, I've also been doing the Just Dance 4 my beloved daughter gave me for Christmas. Wow, it's so much harder than it looks and my thighs are screeeeeEEEEEaming. This is killer stuff. I know I look ridiculous and dorky..but..I don't really care. It's fun and I'm sweating so it's all good by me..

2. Thanks to JD4 I've been dancing around everywhere.. sort of like Baby did in Dirty Dancing...
well..that is if Baby was fat, old and awkward..

3. My dad offered to do me a huge favor but hasn't gotten around to it yet..I'm hesitant to call him cause I think he'll think that I'm only calling cause I want him to do the favor..which, of course is pretty much why I'm calling...

4. I called the cops on a young, homeless couple because they were fist-fighting in the street. I said I did it because I was afraid some innocent bystander would get hurt..which is true..ish..but I mostly did it cause they annoy me..

5. I use coupons, lots of them. I'm probably the woman in from of you at Target with a fist full of coupons arguing with the cashier about the legitimacy of those coupons. Here are a few money saving blogs I love..
Hip2Save is easily one of the best sites out there. Not a day goes by I don't find something useful on her site. Love it.

Need something from Target? Gotta stop at Totally Target first.

Walgreen's has some incredible coupon/RR deals.

I Heart the Mart
I am not much of a Walmart shopper, don't care much for the place but I'll admit they have some amazing deals and this guy has it altogether for you.

Southern Cali Saver
I use Josie's blog for all things Cali but deals are nationwide as well.

Well..wishes for a wonderful weekend for you..

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the mooooooves like Jagger...

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