Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Wow, it's that time already!!
Did you keep your resolutions from last year?
Made your list for this year?

1. Slow down
I always seem to be in a hurry, anxious about getting there on time..
which doesn't make any sense as I rarely need to be anywhere at a specific time so the panic is totally unjustified..
at the grocery store I realize I forgot my list..or my coupons..
I don't read the fine print and end up in a bit of a bind..
I forget where I put things..
I throw the wrong piece of paper away..
it's not just old age.. it's mostly just not paying attention to what I am doing at the moment..
be IN the moment.

2. Concentrate
Exactly the same thing..but different..
I'm a huge multitask-er, working on three, four, five projects at a time. Problem is, I rarely get much accomplished. Start working on a blog post then jot a few items down on my shopping list..then look for a new dinner idea and before I know it..hours have passed with no blog post, a half finished grocery list and 15 new ways to cook chicken but nothing truly completed.
Focus, Baby, focus!!

3. Be more tolerant of family
Yes, I can be a tad hostile and short-tempered especially with space-sharers..and with others as well. Definitely need to work on being kinder and less so snippy..
This could take awhile.

4. Fun
I need more fun in my life..
sing..although I can not carry a tune with a bucket..
laugh of it

5. Say I Love You every day
Okay, this is a gimme. I do tell my kids I love them each time we speak but I think it's always a good idea to say the words to those you love every single day.
I love you Handsel, Lauren, Steven, Haley, Dad, Mike, Eileen and Pooder, Rudy and Sadie.

Happy New Year!!!

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