Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Things I Still Hand Write..or Should Anyway

just the other day I decided to do 2 things..
1. to write more
my handwriting has become atrocious
2. to learn to type correctly
I seriously type like crap
I'm trying to write more.
I admit to often sliding back to the easier ways..
my phone & computer are my enablers..
I am writing more..

1. To-Do Lists...
Best part of the To-Do list..
the cross-off
2. Weekly Menus...
Makes it easier to go from menu to..
3. Grocery List...
4. Flight Costs...
I'm planning a trip & comparing costs.
5. Checks...
Never, ever, ever at a store & even though I'd prefer to do all my bill paying online but there's still a few where I need to pay in check.
6. Notes to Myself...
As I age..
this is definitely a necessity
7. Directions...
I get lost less if I write down the way there in my own words
8. Health Journal...
If I write it down..
I pay more attention to what's going on with me
9. Cards...
Fine..I admit it..
all my Christmas cards were internet ordered & sent..
but..I figured skimming through a website & picking out just the right card for the recipient & writing each one their very own message was as personal (maybe more so) than mailing 100 identical cards with labeled address & return addresses..
10. Notes to Loved Ones...
Workin' on it.

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