Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 ~ What I Want for Xmas

Happy 12-12-12!!
I ran across this blog, Lena B this morning and, even though it's not Tuesday, I thought I'd give it a go. Funny thing, I can't remember going through an entire day without the feeling of wanting something, some random goodie I see online, but the moment I tried to come up with a list, my mind went blank. I'm guessing that's a good thing. Here's my wish list...

1. I wish my family could be together. With my youngest in Korea and my daughter, SIL and grand-baby in Missouri, not going to happen. I miss them so much, having all of them here again would be the best ever.

2. I wish my oldest for find a job. He's been looking and looking, actually walking the streets with resume in hand but no luck. It's been tough on him and, with him living back at home, tough on me. Something cool, something he would like, something he could take pride in. A job.

3. I wish to FINALLY get this weight off for good. Perhaps I should wish for strength and will power instead. Maybe perseverance or simply the ability to stick with the plan. I lose, I gain back, I lose, I gain back. Why is this so hard to do?

4. I wish to travel. Visit Paris, visit Rome, visit Maryland or Arizona to see family. To be able to hop on a plane and end up in Florida anytime I choose would be amazing.

5. I wish to be able to sleep without medication. I can't sleep, I can't remember a time when I could simply close my eyes to fall asleep. Now, I need a dose of meds to knock me out. How nice it would be to be asleep before my head hits the pillow.

Hmmmm..I don't think this is what the Holiday Wish List is supposed to be about. Okay, let's hit up a few material things I want...

6. I wish for a plant light. I do enjoy my garden and plants so a plant light so I can start my seedlings indoors.

7. I wish for a new desk. I'll need to build it myself so I guess all I really want is 4 old saw horses and an old door. Simple, right?

8. I wish for 2 front row tickets to the Maroon 5 concert (with Neon Trees!!)in Kansas City so my darling daughter and I can go. Also, front row tickets to see Pink at the Staple Center.

9. I wish for an open ended gift card to Amazon books.

10. I wish for a spa day. Massage, facial, mani/pedi, just a whole day of pampering.

Merry merry.

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